5 Book Party Pack

  • 5 Book Party Pack

A stack of five copies. Spread the love! Give to your parents! Hold a reading group/masturbation club! The possibilities are endless.

What started as a Minneapolis intervention has blossomed into an international movement.* Now we're proud to present a shameless slutty book of porn, history, and more from your favorite viral campaign. Featuring 28 stories and essays engaging with our call to take over the golf courses of the world. Guaranteed to inflame your brain and body.

*Just finding out about our campaign? Check our manifesto, released in summer 2021, to learn more about where it all started: bit.ly/3iAkBwE

264 pages. All profit to MPLS food shares.

Order before 11/18 and get your copy signed by the editors.

Use discount code LOCAL if you wish to pick the book up instead of paying for shipping. We'll have books available for pickup at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis (2002 23rd Ave S), as well as at our local release events.

Edited by Lyn Corelle and jimmy cooper, self-published under our imprint Maitland Systems Engineering. Featuring writing from:

Scott Branson
Mia Clay
Lou Daybreak
Sophie Durbin
Suz Evans
Peach Gallant & Val Schlosberg
Robin Hustle
Incalculable Debt
Raechel Anne Jolie
Fischer Kneissl
Erin Lynch
Bratti Lupone
Ash Marks
Hesper M. O'Connor
Lily O'Donnell
Ruby Pique
Clark Ruhff
Cameron Lee S.
Theresa Sweetheart
Adam Turay
Lily Woodruff & Grace Lavery

Featuring a beautiful cover by Noa Grossman and interior nighttime photographs of the Hiawatha Golf Course by Lyn Corelle.

Only shipping to the United States for now sorry! Hoping to get distribution set up for Canada/UK/Australia, check our twitter for updates.